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Xinxiang Yixin Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.

Xinxiang Yixin Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various types of sewage treatment equipment and sludge treatment equipment. It can produce various non-standard environmental protection equipment according to the process flow and user requirements, and at the same time provide fast and timely engineering installation and equipment debugging services.

Yixin's core technical team includes experienced environmental consultants, civil engineers, electrical engineers, project management engineers and wastewater treatment R&D engineers, who have been engaged in wastewater treatment and R&D for more than 30 years. In 2008, Yixin developed facultative membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology. This technology can significantly save the comprehensive investment and floor space of sewage treatment projects, significantly reduce the discharge of residual organic sludge, and effectively solve the "not in my backyard" and complex management problems of traditional sewage treatment technology.

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As of November 2023, Yixin has obtained 63 invention patents. The MBR technology developed by the company has also won multiple international awards, including the IWA Project Innovation Award, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center Wastewater Treatment Innovation Technology Pilot Grant, the U.S. R&D100, and was named "Potential to Become a Breakthrough Leader" by URS Wastewater treatment in the 21st century.

Today, Yixin relies on innovation and leadership in core technologies to move forward steadily. Yixin's MBR technology has been used in more than 3,000 sets of equipment in 19 countries including the United States, Italy, and Egypt.

Xinxiang Yixin Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. insists on taking science and technology as the basis, surviving on credibility and developing on innovation. It has a strict quality control system and implements very strict full-process control from raw material procurement, production, and factory inspection to provide users with various products of high quality and favorable prices. product.

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Xinxiang Yixin Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.


Yixin's core team has more than ten years of experience in equipment processing and engineering services in the environmental protection industry. We can provide customers with sewage treatment solutions for free, and provide manufacturing and installation of related equipment.



Water is flexible and can change itself with external conditions, at the same time, water is pure and simple. YiXin advocates water culture, and hopes to apply the flexible and pure characteristics of water to the concept of wastewater treatment, and innovate the wastewater treatment process into a flexible, resource-saving and ecological process, and provide new solutions for the wastewater treatment industry.

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