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Aquaculture microfiltration machine, fully automatic circulating water filtration, drum filter


Aquaculture microfiltration machine, fully automatic circulating water filtration, drum filter

The fish pond microfiltration machine is a device used for fish pond water treatment. Its principle is to filter out impurities and pollutants in the fish pond through microfiltration technology, thereby keeping the water quality of the fish pond clean and stable.


    Working Principle

    When water containing tiny suspended matter enters the drum, the tiny suspended matter is intercepted by the stainless steel screen, and the filtered water without suspended matter enters the reservoir. When the suspended solids in the drum accumulate to a certain amount, the water permeability of the filter will decrease, causing the water level in the drum to rise. When the water level rises to the set high water level, the automatic liquid level control component will work. At this time, the backwash water pump and The drum reducer automatically starts working at the same time. The high-pressure water from the back-cleaning water pump passes through the back-cleaning component of the microfilter to perform high-pressure cleaning on the rotating drum screen. The suspended solids blocked on the drum filter are washed by the high-pressure water and flow into the dirt. The collection tank is then discharged through the sewage pipe. When the screen is cleaned, the water permeability of the drum filter increases and the water level in the drum drops. When the water level drops to the set low level, the backwash pump and drum reducer will automatically stop working, and the microfilter will enter a new stage. A work cycle.


    Machine structure




    1. It has multiple working modes of automatic, stop and manual. In the automatic working mode, it will automatically sense whether the screen is clogged and automatically backwash.
    2. The screen uses high-quality stainless steel screen woven with unique technology. It has small aperture, small resistance, strong water passing ability, and zero consumption when the screen is not blocked.
    3. The shell is made of high-quality materials, which is highly anti-corrosion and durable.
    4. The waste collection tank has an inclined angle for rapid waste discharge.


    Product Description

    The microfiltration machine is a screen filter that intercepts fine suspended solids. It has a drum-shaped metal frame. The drum rotates around a horizontal axis and is supported by a braided stainless steel wire (or copper wire or chemical fiber wire). Network and work network. It can be used to filter raw water in water plants and remove algae, water fleas and other plankton. It can also be used to filter industrial water, recover swimming substances in industrial wastewater, and final treatment of sewage.

    Microfilters used in aquaculture include drum microfilters (Drum filter), rotary and caterpillar microfilters (Disc Filter), and belt microfilters (Belt Filter). Among them, the rotary drum microfiltration machine has been widely used in aquaculture water treatment because of its advantages such as requiring less labor, low head loss, easy maintenance, and small footprint.

    Instructions for use

    1. While the microfiltration machine is backwashing, the filtration process is still maintained. And when not backwashing, the drum does not rotate. Therefore, the actual power consumption of the microfiltration machine is smaller.
    2. The upper edge of the microfilter box should be higher than the water surface of the water to be treated, so the water will not overflow the microfilter.
    3. When the water level is lower than the warning level, the control of the microfiltration machine will sound an alarm and shut down the drainage pump to prevent the drainage pump from being damaged due to idling.
    4. When a short circuit or other fault occurs in the circuit of the microfiltration machine, the controlled leakage switch will automatically stop power supply.
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