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IC high-efficiency anaerobic reactor UASB anaerobic tower high concentration sewage treatment


IC high-efficiency anaerobic reactor UASB anaerobic tower high concentration sewage treatment

Anaerobic biological treatment of sewage is a treatment method that uses the degradation of anaerobic microorganisms to purify organic matter in sewage under anaerobic conditions. Under anaerobic conditions, anaerobic bacteria in sewage decompose organic matter such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into organic acids, and then further ferment under the action of methanogens to form methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, etc., thus purifying the sewage. It is one of the best treatment methods for domestic sewage sludge, high-concentration organic industrial wastewater and feces.


    Working Principle

    The basic structure of the IC reactor is shown in the figure. It is composed of two layers of UASB reactors connected in series. According to function, the reactor is divided into 5 zones from bottom to top: mixing zone, first anaerobic zone, second anaerobic zone, sedimentation zone and gas-liquid separation zone.
    Mixing zone: The incoming water at the bottom of the reactor, the granular sludge and the mud-water mixture refluxing from the gas-liquid separation zone are effectively mixed in this zone
    The first anaerobic zone: The mud-water mixture formed in the mixing zone enters this zone, and under the action of high-concentration sludge, most of the organic matter is converted into biogas. The upwelling of the mixed liquid and the violent disturbance of the biogas cause the sludge in the reaction zone to expand and fluidize, which strengthens the contact between the sludge and water surface and maintains high activity. As biogas production increases, part of the mud-water mixture is lifted by the biogas to the gas-liquid separation zone at the top.

    Gas-liquid separation zone: The biogas in the lifted mixture is separated from the muddy water here and exported to the treatment system. The muddy water mixture returns to the lowermost mixing zone along the return pipe, and is fully mixed with the sludge and incoming water at the bottom of the reactor. The internal circulation of the mixed liquid is realized.

    Second anaerobic zone: Except for part of the wastewater treated in the first anaerobic zone, which is lifted by biogas, the rest enters the second anaerobic zone through the three-phase separator. The sludge concentration in this area is low and most of the organic matter in the wastewater has been degraded in the first anaerobic zone, so the amount of biogas generated is small. The biogas is introduced into the gas-liquid separation zone through the biogas pipe, causing little disturbance to the second anaerobic zone, which provides favorable conditions for the retention of sludge.

    Sedimentation zone: The mud-water mixture in the second anaerobic zone undergoes solid-liquid separation in the sedimentation zone. The supernatant is drained away from the outlet pipe, and the precipitated granular sludge returns to the sludge bed in the second anaerobic zone. It can be seen from the working principle of the IC reactor that the reactor achieves SRT>HRT through a 2-layer three-phase separator to obtain a high sludge concentration; through a large amount of biogas and severe disturbance of the internal circulation, the mud and water are fully contacted and a good mass transfer effect is obtained .


    Advantages of IC anaerobic reactor

    (1)High volumetric load
    (2) Save investment and floor space
    (3) Strong impact load resistance
    (4) Strong low temperature resistance
    (5) Ability to buffer pH
    (6) Internal automatic circulation, no external power required
    (7) Good water outlet stability
    (8)Short startup cycle
    (9) Biogas has high utilization value

    Application Scenarios

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