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Cutter Impeller Grinder Pumps Submersible Sewage Cutting Pump


Cutter Impeller Grinder Pumps Submersible Sewage Cutting Pump

Sewage cutting sewage pump cutting part has a unique spiral structure and a sharp blade design. Under the premise of ensuring efficient water conservancy performance and exceeding similar products, it also has a certain cutting ability to ensure the superior cutting function of straw, cotton, cloth, baby diapers and other wastes after shredding.


    Product Description

    The cutting sewage pump has a particularly strong sewage discharge capacity and good belt cutting performance. It can crush impurities such as long fibers, plastics, paper, belts, cloth strips, straw, ropes, etc. in the sewage and discharge them. It adopts advanced methods and is designed with reasonable hydraulic characteristics, allowing the electric pump to operate at full head. The excellent combination of dry motor and water pump makes the total efficiency of the electric pump reach the same level as the ass belt cutting device series products of West Germany ABS Company, The electric pump adopts high-quality hard alloy, double end mechanical seal and skeleton oil seal assembly surface, which shall not exceed 1/2 of the motor height, and the temperature of the sewage pumped shall not exceed 40 ℃.


    Machine structure

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    1. High stength cast iron pump construction;
    2. Impeller options are available to suit a range of applications and pumped products including single,double or triple vane;
    3. 420 stainless steel shaft;
    4. Built in cooling system allows operation when motor is submerged or above water level.



    (1) Sewage cutting pumps are used in construction sites, engineering foundation construction, municipal facilities, and water plants.
    (2) Sewage discharge from underground floors of various high-rise buildings such as basements, civil air defense pits, and subways.
    (3) Sewage treatment and circulating water transportation for small and medium-sized enterprises.
    (4) Slurry pumping for factories and mining enterprises such as food, papermaking, brewing, steel and non-ferrous metals, leather making, textile, pharmaceutical, cement factories, etc.
    (5) Chicken farms, pig farms, various animal husbandry industries, fish ponds are used for pumping water, cleaning ponds, increasing oxygen, and transporting human and animal feces and urine in septic tanks and other occasions.

    Application Scenarios

    Series submersible sewage pump is mainly used for municipal works, industrialbuildings,hotels,hospitals,civil air defense,mines etc. Trades to drain off the sewage, waste water, rainwater and living water in cities containing solid grains and various long fabrics.
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