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Mobile submersible jet oxygen aerator underwater aerator


Mobile submersible jet oxygen aerator underwater aerator

The submersible jet aerator is used for oxygenating and mixing the mixture of sewage sludge in aeration tanks and aeration grit chambers of sewage treatment plants, as well as biochemical treatment of sewage or oxygenation of breeding ponds.


    Working Principle

    The water flow generated by the submersible pump passes through the nozzle to form a high-speed water flow, which forms around the nozzle negative pressure sucks in air. After mixing with the water flow in the mixing chamber, a water-air mixed flow is generated in the trumpet-shaped diffuser tube, which is ejected at a high speed, and the water flow with many bubbles is vortexed and stirred in the water with a large area and depth to complete the aeration. And its shaft power does not change with the change of the submerged depth, and the intake air volume can be adjusted. Because of this, jet aerators can be used in tanks with large changes in water level.


    Machine structure

    1. The jet submersible aerator has a compact structure, small footprint and easy installation. The aerator consists of three parts: a submersible sewage pump, an aerator and an air inlet pipe. It has a compact structure and takes up less space. In addition, the aerator provides two installation methods, which are easy to install and maintain.

    2. High aeration efficiency and wide application range. Due to its high-speed jet flow state, liquid and gas are fully mixed, the oxygen absorption rate is high, and the power efficiency is high. The treatment efficiency is 3~4 times higher than that of traditional aeration tanks, the aeration time can be significantly shortened, and it is suitable for various sewage treatment, including push flow aeration tank, mixed aeration tank, delayed aeration tank, oxidation ditch, Oxidation pond, etc.

    3. The system is simple and highly reliable. There is no need for equipment such as a blower, and the system is simple. Except for the suction port, the rest of the equipment is submerged in the water and operates with low noise. The aerator uses a special submersible sewage pump with cutting, which is efficient and non-blocking. The equipment is safe and reliable and has a long service life.

    4. Low investment and operating costs. Because the jet aerator is suitable for deeper aeration tanks, it reduces the floor space, has a simple system, saves investment costs, has high processing efficiency, and saves operating costs.



    Jet submersible aerator is a special aeration equipment in water pretreatment and sewage biochemical treatment process. It is used for aeration and mixing of aeration sedimentation tanks, pre-aeration submersible jet aerators, aeration tanks, oxidation tanks, etc., diving The jet aerator can also be used for oxygenation of breeding ponds and landscape water maintenance. It can be used in the iron and manganese removal process in the front stage of the tap water process. It can also be used in the tap water replenishment circulation process of high-rise buildings.

    Application Scenarios

    QSB deep water self-priming submersible jet aerator can operate normally and continuously under the following conditions:
    1. The maximum medium temperature does not exceed 40c
    2. The pH value of the medium is between 5-9
    3. The mass density does not exceed 1150kg/m3
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