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Pond Push Flow Aerator Pump 250w 220v To 240v Submersible Oxygen Generator Large Flow Super Quiet Air Pump For Aquaculture


Pond Push Flow Aerator Pump 250w 220v To 240v Submersible Oxygen Generator Large Flow Super Quiet Air Pump For Aquaculture

YX Propeller aspirator aerator, introducing high-tech from UAS, is a NEW self-developed propeller aspirator aerator.

With function of Aeration, Plug-flow & mixing, Air, water and sludge can fully mixing and constitute a circulation flow.

YX Propeller aspirator aerator is widely used in Carrousel Oxidation ditch and Orbal oxidation ditch of municipal sewage treatment plant and all kinds of industrial wastewater treatment plants.


    Working Principle

    The electric motor drives the propeller to rotate, and the water flowing through the propeller creates a low-pressure area in its center, causing the air to enter the air inlet through the air inlet pipe and reach the propeller, causing the water to mix to form tiny bubbles, and the soda-water mixture is forced horizontally and vertically direction away from the propeller for effective mixing and aeration into the water


    Machine structure



    Structural principles

    The push flow aeration mixer is composed of a motor, an installation regulator, an outer cover, a universal coupling, a transmission shaft, a vortex plate, a composite impeller, a secondary vulcanized rubber bearing, a shaft sleeve, a connecting frame, a bracket, etc.


    Technical features

    The push flow aeration mixer is different from the surface aerator and the bottom aeration system of the pool. It not only has the ability of circumferential push flow, but also has the function of dissolved oxygen in depth; it can stir and oxygenate the water body and sludge in deep water, and biologically treat it. Capabilities are significantly enhanced. Pulse flow aeration mixer The aeration mixer adds a stirring device to the original aerator, which significantly improves the oxygenation capacity and performance of the equipment. The hydraulic performance of the high-performance composite impeller is designed using computers and simulated working conditions. The entire impeller is molded in one go, with a relatively stable blade shape. After dynamic balance testing, it ensures the efficient performance and smooth operation of the composite impeller. Its structure is simple and compact, the unit has a long service life, the bearings can withstand large loads, the rotating shaft seal using an oil bath and the air sucked into the impeller cavity prevent water from contacting the seal during operation, all of which ensure that the aerator can work continuously for 24 hours , long-term trouble-free operation.

    Application Scenarios

    1. Oxidation Ditch: Propeller aspirator aerator is most suitable for Oxidation Ditch special design and shape due to the powerful horizontal mixing capacity.

    2. Aerated Lagoons: Propeller aspirator aerator provides horizontal flow and strong mixing is that often to use on various depth aerated lagoons.

    3. Traditional Aeration Tank: Propeller aspirator aerator often be utilized in traditional tank for activated sludge or digester. The unit can provide the complete mix and eliminate the blind point.

    4. River and Canal Restorations: Propeller aspirator aerator can improve the water quality in lake, canal and reservoir. The RA surface jet aerator can easy and flexible install on floating, bridge and wall.