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High quality fine sand recycling machine fines recovery unit

Sludge Dewatering

High quality fine sand recycling machine fines recovery unit

The status of artificial sand washing At present, most of the existing artificial sand production lines are utilizing wet production process. No matter what the type of sand washing machine is, the biggest drawback is that the fine sand( particle diameter is between 0.045mm and 1.6mm )will be in a serious loss and sometimes the loss will be over 20%. This drawback will not only reduce the output, but also affect sand gradation. For this reason, the gradation is not reasonable and fineness modulus is larger so that the product quality of mechanism sand will be largely reduced. Silty sand recovery system process program and main technical specifications Fine sand recovery system process program is used for solving the problems mentioned above.



    Structure of fine sand recovery machine
    Our YiXin Machinery developed this system by combining foreign advanced technology with actual conditions of our country. This system is fine material recycling device with the world's advanced level. It is widely used in sand aggregate processing system in hydropower station, glass raw materials processing system, artificial sand production line, thick coal slime recovery in coal dressing plant and environmental protection engineering(mud treatment), etc. The YXseries of fine sand recovery system can effectively solve the problems in fine sand recovery.
    The complete set of equipment of the fine sand recovery machine mainly consists of a motor, a slurry pump, a cyclone, a dewatering screen, a cleaning tank, a return box, etc.



    Application of fine sand recovery machine
    The fine sand recovery machine is a device developed for dehydration, demediation and desliming of slurry materials. The biggest feature of this machine is that it can well solve the problem of fine sand loss in the sand making industry. Fine sand recovery machine is also called tailings recovery machine, fine sand extraction machine, fine sand collection machine, sediment separator, mud separator, sand-water mixture treatment system, etc.


    Working process

    Working process of fine sand recovery system
    The sand and water mixture is sent to swirler. After centrifugal grading enrichment, the fine sand is sent to vibrating screen by sand sinking mouth. After dehydration by vibrating screen, the fine sand is efficient ly separated from water and a few of fine sand and clay come through material returning bin then come back to purge tank. When liquid surface in the purge tank is high, the discharge hole can adjust the liquid surface. The weight concentration of recycling materials in line vibrating screen is 70%-85%. Adjusting fineness modulus can be realized by changing pump rotation speed, changing pulp consistency, adjusting overflow water and changing sand sinking mouth. By the process above, the fine sand recovery system can finish three functions, cleaning, dehydration and grading.
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    Advantages of Fine Sand Collecting Machine In Fine Sand Recovery System 

    1,In the traditional artificial sand wet processing technology, washing and dehydration of artificial sand are finished by spiral sand washing machine. Loss of artificial sand (especially fine sand) almost can't be controlled. Using fine sand recovery device can eEffectively reduce the loss of the fine sand and the loss will be controlled in 0.5%. The fine sand recovery system solves the problems in artificial aggregate processing system that fineness modulus of finished product sand is high and content of rock flour is low.

    2.Vibrating screen uses polyurethane screen cloth, which has longer life than other screen cloth and is not easily to be blocked.

    3.Polyurethane is in the inside of swirler so that the service life of whole device is increased and the device can finish the work successfully, such as pulp concentration and liquid clarification.

    4.Fine sand recovery system can recycle 95% of fine particle materials in emissions and features with incomparable technology and economic advantages.

    5.The fine grains are fully recycled. Work of settling pond is reduced and disposal costs of settling pond is also decreased.

    6. Fine sand recovery system reduces natural stacking time of fine materials so that the productions can be transported directly and supplied to market.

    7.According to the different requirements of users, fine sand recovery system can design corresponding solutions.