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Stainless steel spiral sand-water separator Sediment solid-liquid separation equipment

Sludge Dewatering

Stainless steel spiral sand-water separator Sediment solid-liquid separation equipment

The spiral sand-water separator is suitable for the grit chamber of sewage treatment plants. It is an integrated equipment for separation and upgrading of organic sand in sewage. It can separate particles with a diameter of ≥0.2mm. It has high separation efficiency. The equipment adopts shaftless spiral and no underwater bearings. It has the characteristics of light weight, compact structure, reliable operation and easy installation. It is an ideal sand-water separation equipment.


    Working Principle

    The sand-water mixture enters the water tank from the water inlet pipe. The particles with larger specific gravity in the mixture drop due to their own weight and are deposited at the bottom of the spiral groove. Under the push of the spiral, the material is lifted along the bottom of the inclined U-shaped groove. After leaving the liquid surface, Continuing to move up a certain distance, the moisture in the sand gradually flows back to the water tank in the gap in the spiral groove, and the sand gradually dries at the discharge port and falls into other conveying devices by its own weight. The supernatant liquid continuously flows out from the drainage pipe to achieve the purpose of separating sand and water.


    Sand and gravel separator structure

    The sand-water separator is mainly composed of a shaftless spiral, a liner, a U-shaped groove, a water tank, a baffle, a water outlet drive device, etc.



    1. The separation efficiency is as high as 96~98%, and particles with a particle size larger than 0.2mm can be separated.
    2. It adopts screw transmission, no bearings underwater, is light in weight and easy to maintain.
    3. Using the latest reducer, the structure is compact, runs smoothly and is easy to install.
    4. The U-shaped groove lining plate adopts flexible wear-resistant lining plate, which has low noise and is easy to replace.
    5. Easy to install and easy to operate.




    New product sand filter wastewater separator treatment equipment

    The WSF sand-water separator is a light-duty sand-water separator, mainly used to further separate the sand-water mixture discharged from equipment such as cyclone sand settlers to facilitate transportation. Generally suitable for domestic sewage treatment projects; generally adopts shaftless structure.

    The LSF type sand-water separator is heavy-duty sand-water separation equipment (large sand volume and heavy specific gravity). Mainly used in industrial wastewater treatment systems such as steel plants and chemical plants. It is used to continuously separate oxidized scale in wastewater, as well as sand, silt, etc. produced during the washing process. It generally adopts a vertical shaft structure.